Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Acro Basics: Level 1 Thursday May 14th & 21st , 2015

Acro Basics: Level 1 (4hr class held over two nights.)

Acro Basics: Level 1 Thursday May 14th & 21st , 2015 
7:30pm to 9:30pm @ Center for Conscious Living
4 hour introduction to AcroYoga.
Basic Training in Spotting, Basing, and Flying
Simple Forward Flying flow, and if time allows one or more backflying posture.

New to Acro? Need a review? This Class is for you.

May 14th & 21st , 2015

Class held at @CCL
Center for Conscious Living.
849 E. Washington Ave. Suite 118.
Madison, WI 53703.
Investment 45$ Early Bird $35 (Until May 3rd)
Class size:Min: 6
Max: 12

Must be pre-register to attend, prepayment via paypal is starts registration.
To register click here

Monday, August 25, 2014

All Levels AcroYoga Jam and Play Time! Labor Day 2014


Labor Day All Levels Jam 2014 @ James Madison Park

Date: Sep 01, 2014 - Sep 01, 2014

Start Time: 2:00 pm ct

End Time: 4:00 pm ct

Teachers: Richard Mccloskey & Members of MayFly

General Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Event Location: James Madison Park

Event Address: 614 East Gorham St,, Madison, Wi53703 US

Cost: $Free/Donation

Level: all levels

All Level AcroYoga Jam and Play time At James Madison Park.
~No experience or Partner needed.
~Bring yourself, mat, layers, a snack and water.

- See more: acroyoga.org


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

AcroCamp 2015

Silly question Joe but do we have dates for AcroCamp 2015?!

Joe Yonek Nothing silly about that....

It's July 30, 31, August 1 & 2, 2015

Make your plans now.... 

22 Skills.... do you have them? Thanks to Aaron Lind & Co

Many thanks to Aaron Lind and Co!

Great Vid and work, do you have these 22 skills?
If you don't. Find an experience teacher. 
(With lots of flight & teaching time, 500 hrs? or more. Ask them...)
Can't say enough about skill building, or Spotting.
Read the preamble, twice ... 


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Flight Test (An Experiment)

Happy Summer! 


Hope every one is getting all the Acro they need! Life is short, play, live, play!

If not, and your in Madison, Wi check out our Classes, Practice, and Jam links.  New classes posted yesterday.

If you are in the Midwest area this weekend, Joe is hosting the 3rd annual  Midwest AcroCamp!


So for the next few months we are going experiment with a newish thing at: Mayfly & AcroYogaMadison.org

Called 'Flight Test'!

Below is copy that talks about it. We are excited to formally try this over the next few months.

But a question before we sign off... "Have you huged your Spotter today?"

Fly safe, Fly often, don't go bump your head or noggin. 


Flight test assess skill and experience level in spotting, basing, flying, & nomenclature. 
What is MayFly & AcroYogaMadison.org?
And why do we ask you to take a flight test before attending our weekly practice group?
We are a practice group. We meet weekly to practice intermediate and advanced AcroYoga, other movement, and therapeutic practices. In order to allow our weekly time slot to be a practice time, we have made the basic training a separate offering; Basic Class: Level 1. It’s not that we don’t want new folk to attend- we love having new folks join us, but we need them to have a foundation, and skill vocabulary to start practicing & participating without taking away from our own desire to jam.
Ok, so you’d like to try the Flight Test? 
The test is listed below.
The test covers: All three skills, and assana names.
Duration: 10-15 mins. 
Flight Test:  base/fly/spot & naming
  • Folded leaf:  Reverse Batacanasana, Super Yogi
  • Bird: free bird, bird droppings (push ups)
  • Box press, Throne press
  • High flying whale
You may be ready to take the flight test if you have had…(?)
~More then 20 hours flight time in an open Acro Jam elsewhere in the last 12 months.
~In the last 12 months taken a formal fundamentals Acro Workshop(s)/Class(s) totalling 6 hours or more. (Any Lineage) 

At completion I may ask you to take the level 1 class before attending our weekly practice time(s).

Richard if your interested in setting up a test.
To register for an up coming class: 
Basic Class: Level 1. 



Monday, July 28, 2014


I received news a few weeks ago, just now have time to post.
AcroYoga JamBassador Madison, Wi

Acro Basics for the remainder of 2014 now posted!

Acro Basics for the remainder of 2014 now posted! 
(And one for 2015!)

Mayfly Fundamentals Workshops 2014
YogaBatics Classes at Puja Wellness

September, Monday 15th 2014
September, Monday 29th 2014
November, Monday 3rd 2014
November, Monday 17th 2014
December, Monday 1st 2014
January, Monday 5th 2015

For more info:  AcroYogaMadison.org